Al's Pals

Al's Pals is a nationally recognized evidence-based curriculum and teacher training program that develops social-emotional skills, self-control, problem-solving abilities and healthy decision-making in children ages 3-8.

Curriculum Based Approach

At DHCDC we are commited to educating the whole child, providing opportunities for growth in areas beyond traditional academics. Children are encouraged to explore and ask questions, driving their own learning experiences. Much of our time in- and outside of the classroom is spent engaged in proven purposeful play. We like to have fun while we learn!

The Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive early childhood educational system that emphasizes a practical, easy-to-understand approach to working with children. It promotes the use of interest areas as a way of providing experiences that promote cognitive, social, physical and language development.

Big Day for Pre-K

This specialized curriculum is currently in our four-year-old classrooms and soon coming to threes. The program prepares children for the challenges of Kindergarten through themed weeks, an extensive collection of classic and contemporary children's literature and nonfiction text, intensive language and early literacy development, and technology that connects children, teachers, and families.