#2: Teacher Quality

Our teachers have a formal education in early childhood. You won't find many centers where the teachers have college degrees.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose DHCDC

#1: Accreditation

We've been NAEYC accredited longer than any other center on the Peninsula (and even now, very few hold this accreditation). Yes, there are other types of accreditation out there, and you'll possibly see websites for other centers listing various accreditations... but NAEYC is considered the epitome of quality for early childhood programs. We're among the very few Peninsula child care centers to be rated four stars through the Virginia Star Quality Initiative.

#3: Sliding Scale Tuition

We know it - child care is expensive! That's why, thanks to grants and generous donors, we've been able to subsidize tuition for children ages 2 to 5, allowing you to pay based on your family income and need. We're also able to offer competitive rates for infants and toddlers.

#4: Specialty Staff

Look around, and you won't find many (if any!) child care centers with staff that includes an on-site nurse, family resource coordinator and curriculum coordinator. We go the extra distance for your child.

#5: Amenities

Unlike most centers (little buildings with a playground parcel, all wedged into a commercial block of property) we operate in a real school building, set into an expansive campus. We have large, sunny classrooms, a huge playground with trike paths and a nature trail, and even a gymnasium (ideal for physical play during extreme temperatures and precipitation).

#6: Community Connections

As a long-standing nonprofit with a place in the heart of many prominent Peninsula leaders, DHCDC is frequently chosen for programs like The Mayor's Book Club, free speech therapy with graduate students, special visitors and live shows, to the delight and education of our children.