Children learn best through play and by interacting with others. At DHCDC, children are encouraged to experiment and explore as they develop and learn. We provide opportunities for children to participate in large and small group activities as well as interest centers.

Four Year Old Class

The Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive early childhood educational system that emphasizes a practical, easy-to-understand approach to working with children. It promotes the use of interest areas as a way of providing experiences that promote cognitive, social, physical and language development.

Curriculum Based Approach

Al's Pals is a nationally recognized evidence-based curriculum and teacher training program that develops social-emotional skills, self-control, problem-solving abilities and healthy decision-making in children ages 3-8.


Discovery and Science

Dramatic Play

Sand and Water

Table Toys and Games






Classrooms have established interest areas such as:

Growing with Mathematics is a core mathematics program for pre-kindergarten students. Its comprehensive curriculum incorporates a balanced approach, reflecting current cognitive and social theories of early mathematics learning. In particular, the program views children as active learners who construct their own mathematical understanding through interacting with their environment and their peers.


Doors to Discovery is a literacy-based, early childhood curriculum that uses thematic units to engage young children and support them as they build an understanding of their world. These activities are used to encourage children's development in a number of areas identified by research as the foundation for early literacy success: oral language, phonological awareness, concepts of print, alphabet knowledge, writing and comprehension.